100 years

Celebrating 100 Years of 4-H Camping!!

Office Information

WVU Extension Service
Wood County Office
1 Courthouse Square, Suite 408
Parkersburg, WV 26101-7500

Phone: 304-424-1960
Fax: 304-424-1967
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30
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WVU Serving all 55 of West Virginia’s Counties

WVU Extension Service provides programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources, 4-H Youth Development, Families and Health, and Community, Economic, and Workforce Development with support from West Virginia University faculty and staff. The Extension Service also maintains a historic special-mission campus at WVU Jackson’s Mill State 4-H Camp near Weston, WV.

To meet and support the needs of local people and communities, county faculty and staff involve local residents in developing and leading specific programs and activities.

Part of the National Cooperative Extension System

With more than 3,000 county offices in the USA, Extension is the local front door for many citizens to their state land-grant institutions. Extension knowledge can also be found online anytime, through eXtension, a Web portal to the nation’s largest educational and informational system staffed by Extension experts.

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100 Years of Camping Trivia

1. Who was the Randolph County agent that had the original idea for the first county 4-H camp?

2. What kind of snake did the campers make Teepi Kendrick a belt out of?

3. Where did the first campers sleep because of the rain at camp?

4. What was the name of the farm where the first county 4-H camp was held?

5. What month was the first camp held in?

6. How many county camps were held in the second summer of 4-H camps (1918)?

7. Name two things the first campers were required to bring to camp.

8. Was the first 4-H camp a boys’ camp, a girls’ camp, or co-ed?

9. Where did William “Teepi” Kendrick work before being hired by Extension?

10. Which tribes did campers start at the first 4-H camp in 1915?

11. Name a county that borders Randolph County.

12. Name an activity campers did at the first 4-H camp that we still do at camp today.

13. What happened to William “Teepi” Kendrick when he went down to watch the fishing class and waded into the water?

14. What is the name of the West Virginia 4-H history book written for the 50th anniversary of 4-H?

15. What year did the first state 4-H camp take place?

Answers: 1. Verus Shipman 2. Rattlesnake 3. The barn 4. Jackson Crouch Farm 5. July 6. 17 7. Chicken, tin plate and cup, silverware, an empty mattress tick and blankets, toiletries, potatoes, vegetables, bacon, live chicken 8. Co-ed 9. US Postal Service; as a mail carrier 10. Trick question: There were no tribes at the first county camp 11. Pocahontas, Webster, Upshur, Barbour, Tucker, Pendleton 12.Swim, fish, sleep, Eat, sang songs, tell stories, watch a movie/slides outdoors on a big screen, sit around a campfire, etc. 13. He bent over and ripped his trousers 14. A Touch of Charisma, by Guy H. Stewart 15. 1921